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Our Building Process

We’ve built over 1000 houses and we’ve got our process down pat.

Over the years, we’ve have had the benefit of building hundreds of different styles of homes and we’ve honed our building process down to a fine art. There’s not a day goes past that something isn’t happing on your build and to understand the process we’ve broken down what happens at each stage of the journey.

Week 1 – Starting Point
Your rib raft floor is set up in the correct position, the under floor plumbing and drainage is placed and the concrete slab is poured.

WEEK 2 – Framework
During week 2, you can see the frames being erected and the external drainage is finished.

Week 3 – The Roof
The structure is completed and your house is now ready for the roof

Week 4 – Windows & Roof
To add an extra sense of structure, roof tiles, soffits and windows are added.

Week 5 – Bricks
With the bricks installed, the house really starts looking like your dream home. The electrical pre-wiring can now start!

Week 6 – Insulation
Keep cosy during winter! The addition of insulation allows your house to save energy and keep temperatures consistent.

Week 7 – Interior
Interior decorating begins. Linings and internal plastering are added at this point.

Week 8 – Paint Ready
The painter gets ready during this week and all internal frameworks and doors are done.

Week 9 – Colouring
Pick your colours! The internal walls are now professionally painted.

Week 10 – Electrical & Kitchen
Your homes electrical work is completed and connected up to the grid. The kitchen is also installed.

Week 11 – Tiling
The bathroom suites are all installed. The tiler starts to prepare laying your choice of tiles in bathrooms, kitchens and entrance.

Week 12 – Finishing Touches
We complete installation of carpets, shelving and door hardware and get your home ready for final inspection and handover.