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Waikato’s growing town of Pokeno

The small town of Pokeno, on the outskirts of Auckland, has quickly become a hotspot for housing, investment, and business. It may be considered a rural town, but boy is it growing! The township is located...

Construction to start on new Countdown Supermarket in Pokeno

Pōkeno has come of age. Waikato District Council has received an application by Woolworths NZ Limited for resource consent to construct and operate a Countdown supermarket at 58 Great South Road. The site is in the...

Summit Homes is now a major sponsor of the Chiefs

Summit Homes is pleased to announce that we will be partnering with the Chiefs Rugby Club as a major sponsor through till 2022. Our support will be evident on the field, with the Summit Homes brand...

5 things to know before building for the first time

Building a brand new home is one heck of an experience! It can be exciting, stressful, and overwhelming all at the same time. Having the opportunity to build a home from scratch gives you ultimate control of how you want your home to be. It’s a long term investment, and it’s not something to be […]

Does your builder have insurance? Why builders risk insurance is so important

Building a new house, or making structural renovations to an existing house? Before even one nail is hammered into the ground, it’s important to check whether your builder is insured.  Many people forget to check this, and end up in sticky situations when unforeseen circumstances arise. The truth is, many things can go wrong in […]

What’s a credit score, and why should you care about it?

A credit score is a culmination of your credit history, and it acts as a numerical representation of how financially responsible, reliable, and trustworthy you are in the eyes of financial institutions. If you’ve got a history of missing loan repayments and maxing out your credit cards, you’ll probably be deemed a ‘risky borrower’. Having […]

5 interior design trends every home buyer should know

So you’ve bought your new home, or are waiting for the completion of your build, what’s next? Planning out your interior design! The best ways to make your house feel like a home is by adding your own touch of personality and flare to its home decor. At the same time, you want your home […]

Non-bank lending: When and why you may need it

Entering a mortgage is a massive step in buying your own home. This is why it’s so important to choose your lender wisely and look at all your options, including both bank and non-bank lending options. It’s true that non-bank lenders haven’t always had the best reputation, but more and more home buyers are discovering […]

What is a reverse mortgage, and when should you think of applying for one?

A high proportion of people aged 65 and over depend largely and sometimes entirely on NZ Superannuation for their income. As a result, money can be tight, especially when unexpected expenses come up.  This is where a reverse mortgage comes in. It’s like a normal home loan, but designed for the needs of seniors. It […]

Why high quality building materials matter

Building a home is like having a blank canvas and a palette of all of your favourite colours. It’s exciting, it’s fresh, and it’s custom. You also want it to be is safe and durable – ensuring you get a quality build to warrant your investment. High quality materials are integral to a custom build, […]

What to know before building a house: resource consent

Building a new house is exciting, even life changing, but all the experts agree on one thing: careful planning beforehand is essential. At Summit Homes we believe that it’s important to know everything involved with building your house and planning for success. One of the most important things to be aware of is resource consent, […]

Are you ready to buy a new home?

Buying a home is a big step, and an exciting one! You should be sure you are ready and aren’t just buying because it’s what you are expected to do, or it’s the “next” step. It is important to buy a home for the right reasons, of which there are many! But it’s important that […]

10 Money Saving Tips for Getting you Closer to Owning your own Home

For many people, becoming a homeowner will be their most significant life milestone. This is not without good reason. Making the transition from tenant to homeowner symbolises stability and independence, and can be deeply fulfilling. It comes as no surprise that people are clamouring for their own home. However, getting your foot on the first […]

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