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Waikato’s growing town of Pokeno

The small town of Pokeno, on the outskirts of Auckland, has quickly become a hotspot for housing, investment, and business. It may be considered a rural town, but boy is it growing! The township is located...

Construction to start on new Countdown Supermarket in Pokeno

Pōkeno has come of age. Waikato District Council has received an application by Woolworths NZ Limited for resource consent to construct and operate a Countdown supermarket at 58 Great South Road. The site is in the...

Summit Homes is now a major sponsor of the Chiefs

Summit Homes is pleased to announce that we will be partnering with the Chiefs Rugby Club as a major sponsor through till 2022. Our support will be evident on the field, with the Summit Homes brand...

How NZ government can help you buy your first home

Is 2019 the year you buy your first home? If so, it’s important to know how the government can help you make that first step in owning a home. If you’re a KiwiSaver member, are wanting to buy a ‘Housing New Zealand’ home, or are Māori and want to live on your ancestral land, the […]

The benefits of having an investment property

Having an investment property is a popular form of investment and income for many New Zealanders. There are two main returns you can get from an investment property – through rental income, and also when the property increases in value – in other words, capital gain. If you’ve been thinking about buying a house with […]

Tips for building a home

If you’ve been thinking about building a home, there’s probably a million things going through your head right now. Where do I start? How do I allocate my budget? What are the costs? And there’s likely to be a lot more questions during your home building process. While it can be an overwhelming process, we’ve […]

Steps for making an offer on a house

When it comes to buying your dream home, there is a lot of excitement, preparation, and deliberation involved. After all, it is a massive financial commitment, so it’s important to follow the required steps to ensure your home buying process goes as smoothly as possible. If you’re in the process of buying a new home, […]

Choosing the right house plan for you and your family

Whether you’re building a new house, or simply renovating, it’s important to choose a house plan that fits the lifestyle of you and your family. There are a lot of things to think about when selecting the right house plan, and we know it can be overwhelming! But to make things a little easier, here […]

Making the most of your Showhome Visit

Many building companies build showhomes to showcase their level of quality and design. Viewing a showhome helps you get an idea of what kind of home you can expect from them, and also get some inspiration of what kind of home you’d like them to build for you. As a homebuyer, visiting a showhome is […]

How to turn your new house into a home

If you’re moving this summer, one of the most exciting things to do is to finally turn your new house into a home! For most of us, creating a home is less about the building itself or its look, and more about the emotional connection and sense of comfort we are able to create in […]

5 tips for selling your home during the holidays

Are you stressing about selling your home this holiday season? While many people try to avoid selling their homes during this time of year, it may be that you don’t have any choice in the matter. Homes are still on the market, and there are often buyers at this time of the year that just […]

What is the Master Building Guarantee, and what does it mean for you?

If you’re planning to build a new home, knowing what the Registered Master Building Guarantee is a must. We know building a home can be overwhelming, and stressful, but we’re here to make the process a whole lot easier. Here’s a run down of what the guarantee is, and what it means for you. What […]

How to choose the right building company

Building a new home is a pretty massive deal. So picking the right people to help you do it is an incredibly important decision. The builder, or building company you eventually decide on will be creating a home that is going to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, and if you don’t choose wisely, […]

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